Repairing solar panels vs installing new ones

If you have your home powered by solar panels, you have invested quite a lot in terms of money and time. There are times that your solar panels are damaged by rocks and hail. Sometimes you also have to deal with loosened nuts and bolts that may cause falling of the solar panels. You can actually try repairing the broken panel instead of throwing it away. Read on to learn about repairing broken solar panels.

First and foremost, you need to check and see if the panel will still work even though the broken glass is in place. Usually this can function still but at lesser output and efficiency. But that is ok, as long as it will be able to satisfy the electrical needs of your house. The broken glass can be replaced at times just consult an expert though. Condensation build up can be a bad effect if you do it yourself. You can save a lot if you do this.

And then you may also experience some loose solder connections. Since these panels are exposed to the sun and other elements the parts may simultaneously cool down or heat up. These changes can affect the wiring of the panels and can cause loose solder connections also. What you can do is to tap lightly the individual solar panels. You can still do some repairs here by cutting into the silicone and making sure the connections are secure at the back of the cells.

So those are the simple repairs you can do to have your solar panels repaired. If you want you can also hire professionals to do the job for you.Whereas There’s a great opportunity for economic payback when you build a homemade solar panel. Remember, though, that no matter how well your panel is made, you need to have enough solar light to power it. So take a few minutes to think about available sunlight before you install your solar panel. Look for an installation location that makes the most of sunlight, and you will enjoy increased power.