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Our Concept at DSEDZ

We know that especially people in their twenties are looking for ways to give their life a meaning. And many of these young people are just very undecided as to which path to take for the future.

We want to help them.

And we are doing that by showing you the wonderful world of building and construction and how easy it can be to install your own washing machine instead of calling over a plumber. Just an example.

Or maybe you want to build a new playground for your kids in your garden or a winter garden to relax in the late afternoon. But you just don’t get it done because you don’t have the cash for the home contractor.

That’s one of the best reasons to learn these building skills: To save money. But also if you are a young guy and are still unsure which career path you want to take – we will do our best to convince you that the construction industry not only offers great and fun working opportunities with respectable salaries but also has more stability than other industries.

Let’s go! Find your purpose in life! And let us help you accomplish that.