The Biggest Risks in Building and Constructing at Home by Yourself


In an effort to save money and with the prevalence of the DIY bug, more individuals are opting to become owner-builders rather than hiring a general contractor to make their dream home a reality.

Although it is possible to save a neat little sum by cutting out the GC’s expenses, the work involved in dealing with subcontractors, getting finance without an experienced contractor on board and bargaining with traders may eat into these savings and cause an unprecedented headache for you. This is not all that one has to contend with as the biggest risks in building and constructing at home by yourself can include grievous injuries when operating machinery which could lead to fatalities or bearing responsibilities for workers who get hurt on the jobsite.

Some of the risks that come with being an owner-builder include going over budget which could be fuelled in part by subcontractors not showing up, construction taking longer than you had originally planned or hiked prices as subcontractors and traders tend to take advantage if you’re new in the business. Some issues can also arise due to lack of experience or intimate knowledge of the industry such as complicated construction issues that can be expensive to fix like having stairwells that don’t fit the measurements, being sold low quality materials or having your wishes overridden and ending up with windows facing the wrong side.

Failure to build according to local code can also be costly to sort out and in some of the worst-case scenarios you can have a mechanic’s liens filed against you by suppliers or even the subcontractors you hire.

However, those who have undertaken similar projects successfully report that even with the biggest risks in building and constructing at home by yourself, some of which never even happen, the satisfaction of making your dream come true the way you want it, is worth the risk. You can shape your property to fit your life and needs, minimize costs and maximize plot value and have a home to be proud of for years to come.